After reading the article “Eye, robot” write one paragraph (~111 words) giving your opinion on new technologies replacing some of the traditional methods of medicine.

I need a replication to the discourse beneath.the replication must be at last 150 to 200 language. Do refercogent impartial totalege “good job” or “I literary triton from your support.” Replies are refercogent a joyous exertion. Instead, your replies must be gentleman, reflecting what you literary from balbutiation the support, oblation an production, or correcting a chance. Reason what you literary in researching restraint your support (or scholarship effected from other classes or indivisible test) to either addition or predilection the support you are congruity encircling.INTRODUCTIONAccounting Knowledge Scheme is, a restraintmal scheme restraint suming axioms, ruleing the axioms into knowledge, and distributing that knowledge  to reasonrs. The deep end of accounting knowledge scheme (AIS) is to sum, accumulation, and rule financial and accounting axioms  and yield knowledgeal reports that managers or other animated bisecties can reason to mould calling sentences (Meymandi, Roosta, Rajabdoory). Although an accounting scheme can be manual scheme, today most accounting knowledge schemes are computer-based.      Discharges of an Accounting Knowledge SchemeAccounting knowledge schemes entertain three basic discharges:1. The highest discharge of an accounting knowledge scheme (AIS) is the efficient and efficacious sumion and storage of axioms relating an texture’s financial influenceivities, including getting the occurrence axioms from rise documents, proceedingsing the occurrence in journals, and supporting axioms from journals to ledgers.2. The Second discharge of an AIS is to afford knowledge reasonful restraint making sentences, including conceding managerial reports and financial statements.3. The third discharge of AIS is to mould confident represss are in institute to correspondently proceedings and rule axioms.Accounting Knowledge Scheme has  typically has six  basic bisects:1. People who reason the scheme , including accountants, managers and calling analysts.2. Procedure and instructions are the ways that axioms are sumed, accumulationd, retrieved, and ruleed.3.Axioms including total knowledge that goes into an AIS4. Software consists of computer programs reasond restraint ruleing axioms5. Knowledge technologies infratexture grasps total hardware reasond to work the AIS6. Inner represss are the confidence measures reasond to vindicate axioms.Ethics and AISEthicsThe evolvement of knowledge Technology and Accounting Knowledge Schemes has brought fantastic opportunities restraint immaterial dissuade and robbery. A cornerstsingle of immaterial persuade is an intellect of how single’s indivisible persuade and influenceions continfluence the luck of the other people. Immaterial guidelines can succor people abandon harming others and to influence in ways that entertain the undeveloped to succor or bar others. Some empire regulations are calculated to minimize some restraintms of unimmaterial persuade and as-well eninfluence laws to terrify unfair persuade. Accounting and EthicsIn the accounting inoculation, authoritative standards entertain been created to debar accountants from winning in unimmaterial persuade. Such standards individualate an expressive role in accounting owing, accounting rulees bar administration in sentence-making rulees that continfluence a large concatenate of other people and the texture as a undivided. It is inseparcogent restraint accountants to learn Accounting Knowledge Schemes from an immaterial perspective becareason they entertain the authoritative function to vindicate and ease goods and financial knowledge. In accounting, standards of ethic are defined as indicated or expected norms of accountant persuade (Chunhui, Lee, Nan). Immaterial guidelines are viewed as same availcogent to each identical natant the calling.(Mastracchio Jr, Jimenez-Angueira, Toth 2015).The International Federation of Accountant (IFAC) is a worldlarge texture that ministers as an umbrella texture restraint sundry national accounting textures including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the National Association of State Board of Accountancy.IFAC seeks to synchronize the power of accountants’ works with the eager and immaterial standards on which it is based. This boundary encourages constituent textures to disclose codes of persuade that exceed those instituteed by the ”parent texture”. (Clements, Neil, Stovall).AIS and the vindicateion of secret knowledge and honesty: Becareason Accounting Knowledge Schemes are complete rudiments of calling computing platforms texture, persuasive the promote of distrusted arrival to easily-affected knowledge is expressive. Failure to repress arrival to expressive knowledge can issue in the knowledge life remodeled or life seen by treatees or outsiders who entertain no calling examination the knowledge. (Zhensheng, 2014) Accountant and AIS auditors could reason the AIS to disobey other people’ retirement and rights by suming, selling and using their axioms or knowledge restraint indivisible effect.In some cases , treatees entertain effected arrival to other workers’ secret knowledge, which could be reasond restraint spoils or individuality stealing. In other cases, workers entertain obtained financial knowledge from AIS to cap extempore outsiders whom  may or may refercogent entertain a jeopard in the community. Such persuadeal influence is refercogent impartial unethical, it is a as-well restraintm of robberyulent persuade.   End of Accounting Knowledge Schemes:Reporting in the Accounting Knowledge Schemes- A pristine end of AIS is to minister as a schemeatic and ample scheme that proceedingss and reports financial occurrence, which are complete to calling operations.(Antonio Trigo, Fernando Belfo, Raquel Pe’rez Estebanez, 2014). Reporting can be defined as the rule of analyzing and summarizing the texture’s occurrences in direct to prepare knowledge that is localized in sentence making(Antonio Trigo, Fernando Belfo, Raquel Pe’rez Estebanez, 2014).  Reporting has traditionally been persuadeed on occasional plea, whether it daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or year-by-year.  In the reporting rule financial knowledge is summarized and ardent to jeopardholders of the community, be it empire extemporeicials, suppliers, investors, managers, auditors , awe. Reports exemplify the texture’s financial lie. Reports are reasond by auditors to assess the honesty of the community’s accounting rulees.Accounting Knowledge Confidence  (Accounting Knowledge Schemes and Arrival Represss)In sundry textures, Accounting Knowledge Schemes entertain a rabble of reasonrs who can concurrently arrival a axiomsbase that holds a huge totality of axioms. This is specially gentleman in an textures that entertain Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) schemes as their pristine occurrenceal computing schemes. Single of the attractions of  ERP schemes as a calling -computing platconceive is its individual, ample axioms that halts twain occurrenceal axioms and aggravatecome axioms encircling suppliers, customers, materials , products, awe. In direct to minimize affairs encircling the confidence of axioms knowledge in AIS axiomsbase, it is just to enconfident that misspend reasonr arrival represss are in institute (Zhensheng, 2014). In a calling environment, it is inseparcogent to entertain a axiomsbase that disheartenmines liberal confidence restraint twain inner and unmistakable jeopardholders. When the AIS axiomsbase is huge in bulk and profundity, there is increased promote of axioms and knowledge life loose or misassignd.Arrival repress are a highest direction of resistance in vindicateing the honesty of AIS schemes and their axiomsbase. There are muddy types of arrival represss restraint AIS axiomsbase, which grasp Discretionary Arrival Repress, Role Based Arrival Repress, and Mandatory Arrival Repress. Role Based Arrival Repress has been successfully implemented and integrated into AIS imputcogent to its flexibility and close reasoning. With RBAC, reasonrs are procuratorial and assigned biased roles natant the scheme that achieve simply give them arrival to things bearing to their assignments. With this arrangement, it eases the transition of treatee turnovers, in commendations to confidence configurations, imputcogent to its mediate managerial repress. Administration does refercogent entertain to reconfigure the scheme becareason it is assigned by lie.(Uzun)AIS and Robberyulent PersuadeDeceptive persuade natant AIS reasonrs is a eternal accounting and auditing affair. Financial robbery is an influenceivity that can like aggravate than single individual or community and kit may entertain indirect proceeds on unmistakable entities. Treatees that are identified reasonr may entertain the convenience to mismisspend of AIS axioms and knowledge. When identified reasonrs are constituents of the texture’s accounting branch the disallow of AIS axioms and knowledge may be a restraintm of occupational robbery, unfair influenceion of transforming or keeping back knowledge restraint indivisible effect. The Association of Certified Robbery Examiners defines occupational robbery as the disallow of goods (Glodstein).  Restraint development , an accounting treatee with identified arrival to the AIS axiomsbase may be cogent to remodel payroll, billing, or acquittal axioms restraint indivisible effect.  Robberyulent persuade by accounting treatees can as-well entangle the eagerional make of the satisfied or the texture of financial reports.(Bressler, 2011). In the lack of misspend represss, accountants can localize ASI schemes to arrival secret or easily-affected knowledge encircling companion treatees and other textureal jeopardholders including, suppliers, customers, or other calling bisectners.  This is an influence of obtaining ,hoarding, secret or easily-affected knowledge restraint indivisible effect. Proverbs 11:3-The honesty of pure guides them. Proverbs 10:9 -Whoever walks in honesty walks securely. Preventative Measures restraint Discourseing the undeveloped restraint Robberyulent PersuadeEthics Education-Instilling the signification of immaterial persuade should refercogent originate when a texture hires an treatees , texture that are actually affaired with immaterial persuade on the bisect of an treatees and robbery terrifyrence should originate by hiring graduates from garden and universities with a trace proceedingss of conceding immaterially allureing students, Such Schools typically go further highlighting ethics and authoritative codes of persuade in textbooks reasond in their courses:Ethics Focused onboarding and inoculation- Ethics policies and guidelines should be in institute in textures to prepares control to fantasticly hired workers and accounting treatees. These ministers  as guides restraint treatees persuadeal and authoritative influenceion. The creature of ethics policies evidence to fantastic hires that the texture takes ethics seriously. During the onboarding and inoculation rule, there should be a detached module or gram that emphasizes the ethics policies and how they should be applied to daily operations.Knowledge and Axioms repress- Encryption is a rule that transforms axioms from its primary to an indecipherable(scramble)form.  Prior to transmission aggravate a network, encryption can be reasond to babel it so that if it is intercepted in transit it achieve be opposed or unuscogent to learn. Axioms in an AIS axiomsbase can be accumulationd in encrypted restraintm to terrify it unimmaterial or robberyulent reason. Empire regulations, including HIPPA, claim some restraintms of secret or easily-affected axioms to be communicated in encrypted restraintm. Axiomsbase encryption is recommended still refercogent claimd by HIPPA. The 2015 Anthem chop was enabled by axioms life accumulationd in unencrypted restraintm.There are indelicate deep objectives restraint using encryption to impel or accumulation axioms, there are secretity, honesty, evidence, and nonrepudiation. In AIS axiomsbase, there is indivisible knowledge, which can be concerned in intolerant ways(Marcella, 2014). Encryption succors to bar the intolerant reasond of AIS axioms by presenting it to distrusted reasonrs in an indeciphercogent restraintm. Encryption as-well succors to deeptain axioms honesty by making it opposed to modify, Becareason simply identified reasonrs or recipients who halt the decryption explanation are cogent transframe the indeciphercogent axioms into its primary restraintm, encryption prepares a means restraint confirming and authenticating their individuality(Busta 2002). Axioms administration is bisectotality in texture’s quest to vindicate axioms goods and knowledge from unimmaterial and robberyulent persuade.  Companies should treat axioms administration represss to enconfident that reasonrs are accountcogent restraint their  reason of the axiomsbase. ConclusionAn accounting knowledge schemes is an complete computing rudiment in sundry texture and the calling rulees that stimulate them. Accounting is a rudiment of complete calling rule and the AIS is an expressive side of calling rule integration. Imputcogent to the structure of occurrenceal and aggravatecome axioms in AIS axiomsbase, it is expressive to institute represss and barative measures to enconfident the confidence and honesty of the axioms that they hold. In the aggravateview of AIS and comrade theme in antecedent discourse retrospect, it is unmistakable that there are muddy promotes. Restraint advenient accountants and auditors, AIS promote administration should be originate with ethics education and intellect of authoritative ethics in accounting ethics in accounting practices.  Universities entertain been silly in including ethics courses in their calling and accounting curricula and it achieve be increasingly opposed restraint accounting authoritatives to discourse emerging AIS promotes comraded with knowledge technology progression externally a decided grounding in authoritative ethics. Proverbs :28: 16- Better is a meagre man who walks in his honesty.

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After reading the article “Eye, robot” write one paragraph (~111 words) giving your opinion on new technologies replacing some of the traditional methods of medicine.
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