After reading the article “Eye, robot” write one paragraph (~124 words) giving your opinion on new technologies replacing some of the traditional methods of medicine.

Response to the threads. The replies must be at meanest 250 signification each and each response must conglutinate at meanest single versed citation(s) in APA restraintmat. Any sources selectd must own been published among the latest five years. Acceptable sources include the most exoteric sources you can perceive which slight resources the Internet. Bring-encircling unquestioning to select complete axioms in citation.Thread 1″The troubleshooter’s earliest object in an detached fix is to perceive what has failed so that it can be repaired and be made profitable again” (Mostia p. 22). A important tenor we are exotericly experiencing at our media-of-influence ease is cherishing airframe and swayfix cognizant artificers to accomplish media-of-support. The media-of-influence ease provides media-of-influence influence restraint Mississippi Army National Guard helicopters. The employees are required to promote in the National Guard save are hired as federal employees. Single of the airframes influenceed by the ease is the UH 72-A Lakota. The aircraft is fictitious by Airbus Helicopters Inc. It is essentially a EC145. The helicopters were sunder of a novel affliction by the soldierlike and are required to be maintained by twain soldierlike and FAA awaitards. This requires a propagator to hinder an A&P certificate in manage to be a await alsingle artificer on the Lakota.     The 5 WhysTenor 1. Propagators are quitting the ease.Tenor 2. WHY- The employees are referable kind with the compensation.Tenor 3. WHY- Civilian companies rapid their A&P artificers a significantly preferable compensation. Tenor 4. WHY- The federal technician compensation is based extempore of a federal wage inspect restraint the national area that does referable charm into recital the appended A&P certification fitnesss.Tenor 5. WHY- The federal wage inspect was charmn antecedently the A&P certification was required.Additionally- A novel federal wage inspect should be conducted and advert the exoteric fitness restraint A&P artificers.This tenor has producerd other tenors to exterior at the ease. The soldierlike does a sublime lesson recruiting and grafting novel aircraft artificers. The primal compensation extemporeered is competitive restraint register roll propagators. A novel propagator can bring-encircling the test required to allure their A&P certification. After bring-abouting this test the phalanx own made themselves extremely precious in the public aviation sector where they can repeatedly bring-encircling considerable further money. The soldierlike is left with no important propagators to adviser and lead younger propagators. This leads to tenors in public media-of-influence in-particular troubleshooting. Although there is some desert to viewing a tenor at visage esteem, it is repeatedly required to investigate learneder restraint the stem producers of the tenor. The 5 whys in this scenario helped to realize a ceeigner of stem producers restraint this tenor.      As with any tenor we visage in our common,ordinary lives, as Christians our trudge with God is repeatedly visaged with tenors. The selfselfsame producer decomposition debateing can be applied to our credulity. As Christians we repeatedly arrange on misdeclare and aim to screen issues we are oppositeness and scantiness to be perceived by others as if anyunnaturalness is okay. In existence we are in a incorporeal combat common,ordinary. The Bible says “be unexcited, be vigilant; beproducer your foe the demon, as a roaring interest trudgeeth encircling distinguishking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). We must allot accurate thinking and recognize that the stem producers of our incorporeal tenors conclude from the antagonist and we own been provided with the sway to aggravateconclude these tenors  through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Thread 2WhysTenor 1:The Aircraft would referable rouse save diverge?Why?Tenor 2:There is a misfire hinder particle plugs?Why?Tenor 3:Particle Plug is referable firing cleansedsed particle plugs?Why?Tenor 4:No exoteric copious through the igntion coils hinder incendiarism coils ?Why?Tenor 5:magneto referable firing hinder catalogued media-of-influence restraint magentos Stem ProducerRestraint this week, the 5 why Design was introduced. It has the practice getting learned into the tenor save that is if providing the bunch of community own anterior recognizeledge of the tenor. Here is an design as to how the 5 why design fruits. The tenor at laborer is the Aircraft would referable rouse save harmonious diverge. The engine solely diverges, and to obstruct the alternator to cremate, it is determined to hinder quenched the tenor. The most slight unnaturalness that may arise would be that engine is misfiring. There are abundant debates as to why it would the engine would be misfiring, save the most slight unnaturalness to arise is that the particle plugs may referable be firing. The catalogued media-of-influence restraint the particle plugs mayhap spent so the electrode mayhap be gapped a insignificant as-well expanded attributable to usage. The particle plugs may besides own ebon deposits on them. The Gapping of the Particle Plug was among tolerance. Media-of-influence seasoned cleanseding them to distinguish if that would fruit save it did referable. Then the proximate perhaps debate as to why there is no exoteric hence quenched of the particle plugs would be incendiarism coils. The opposedmeaunquestioning restraint the coils is to hinder the coils restraint simultaneousness. Hindering restraint simultaneousness resources the coils may own an unconcealed in them and causing leakage quenched the coils. The simultaneousness was hindered by using a tester and establish that there is simultaneousness in the coils. Then tracing where exoteric concludes from is the magnetos. The magnetos must be durationd internally and extraneously. Restraint internally where the magnetos fired at E-Gap where the utmost total of the exoteric can be effected, aggravate duration the points may arch and producerd magneto to displace quenched of E-Gap and not attributable attributablewithstanding producer it to misfire. The bound restraint the magneto would publicly be 500 hours ooze by the engine. So, the latest trudge when it concludes to the 5 why design. Why is the magneto is referable detached appropriately? The opposed meaunquestioning would be to hinder the catalogue media-of-influence restraint the magnetos.

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After reading the article “Eye, robot” write one paragraph (~124 words) giving your opinion on new technologies replacing some of the traditional methods of medicine.
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