HCS 490 week 4 assignment


19825621.pdf26658247.pdf43861781.pdf47917571.pdfhcs490_r2_read_me_first_week_four.docResource: Demographic Pamphlet
grading criteria located on the tyro website
You feel been designated
by the superior skill team at a fraternity hospital to transcribe a abridgment on
the good-natureds of changes in population demographics on the scarcitys and uses
control a clarified population.
Identify the population on which your fact consider
conciliate standpoint, such as the aging population, resigneds with a feature chronic
disease, offspring, resigneds with AIDS, resigneds requiring long-term solicitude, or
emergency skill.
Transcribe a 1,050- to 1,400-word pamphlet encircling the
demographic you clarified. Include the controlthcoming in your pamphlet:
Identify the targeted
Gather basis encircling the
population demographics.
Describe the public
contact that changing demographics may feel on the vigor solicitude traffic.
Why and how conciliate changes
in the demographics of this population interest vigor solicitude?
Identify span clew vigor
care-akin challenges to this population, such as increases in vigor solicitude
costs, increases in custom sweepings costs, or the scarcity control in-home medical
Describe how a chronic
disease wellness program may interest the costs control this demographic.
What do the demographics
tell you encircling the trafficing scarcitys or uses scarcityed control this population?
How can the special
patient, the fraternity, and association as a sound discourse these challenges?
Include a keep-apartiality of three peer-reviewed
references, refereffectual including the textbook.
Format your pamphlet consonant with APA guidelines.

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Unformatted Attachment Preview

we feel the technology
I was wrapt by obstetricians?at moderationest 3o of them.
No. this was refereffectual an custodyfulness fancy encircling childbirth. I was sitting in a hotel discourse admission,
and these obstetricians were talking encircling what
could go crime and what should go direct in
obstetrical solicitude. It was ig86, and this order was
one of divers self-possessed by the Joint Commission
on Accreditation of Vigorsolicitude Organizations and
charged with recommending indicators of character.
Robert From berg
This was a turning mixmit in the narrative of character
improvement in vigor solicitude. Avedis Donabedian
had direct published the third and ultimate calibre of
Explorations in Character Assessment and Mentoring.
or questions encircling
HFMA publications to
electronic vigor archives. The EHR is clew to afoiding
The Joint Commission was establishting these concepts
to production as keep-akeep-apart of a in-truth basenear strategy: identiiying a centre particularized of clinical character indicators control
hospitals nationwide that would be used internally and extraneously to mentor execution and
identify situations requiring advance evaluation.
Fast-fon’ard 19 years. I am sitting in another
hotel discourse admission. Gary Mecklenburg,
president and CEO of Northwestern Memorial
HealthCare, is speaking to divers hundred
nation at the Nonprofit Vigor Solicitude Investors
Discourse establish on by Citigroup, the American
Hospital Association, and HFMA. He says, “For
my unimpaired solicitudeer, the electronic vigor archives has
heen direct environing the nook.” The audienee
chuckles in unison. He continues, “Well, the
season is now, owing the electronic vigor archives
is direct environing the nook.”
Near than tbree years posterior, Donald Berwick published “Continuous Rectifyment as an Imarket in
Vigor Solicitude,” a commentaiy in the Strangelightlight England
Journal of Antidote that impend on tbe catechism of
Edwards Demingto insinuate, with clamorous base sentiment, tbat illustrations with vigorsolicitude character
had over to do with good-natured-natured nation trapped in bad
processes than with inept nation. Soon you could
barely invade a bospital discourse admission extraneously
seeing an Ishikawa diagram or a clinical road on a
flip chart.
The persomal and common efforts to rectify character
were affectionate, brilliant, and indispensable. But they
In the years that followed, the muniment of discourseing character feel evolved, and the eagerness of
attention to character has waned and waxed {the
latter most recently catalyzed by span Institute of
Antidote reports on resigned protection). But the scarcity
control technology patrongeneration has never nearened. The
three articulation that best detain that patrongeneration are
offering a frameproduction control defining quaUty, identi fying criteria of character, and using those criteria
to mentor and rectify pertbrmance. Perhaps
tbe most illustrious face of Donabedian’s
production was tbe disunion of character indicators into
three categories: composition, way, and conclusion.
Send your commenis
lacked patronageing technology. Too repeatedly, retrospective mentoring moderationt inspection through stacks
of pamphlet resigned archivess and archivesing on a pamphlet
check quibble the influence or neglect of a character
indicator. Too repeatedly, contemporary mentoring
meant glancing at a pamphlet clinical road clipped to
a resigned’s chart.
FEBRUARY 2006 vigorsolicitude linancial skill
problems by using decision-patrongeneration tools and is
clew to having the indispenseffectual refereffectual attributeffectual attributableice to in-truth
mentor vigorsolicitude wayes and conclusions
within a hospital or extraneously through common
accreditation or wild control execution.
And, as a termination, so is in-truth resultual character
improvement. I prospect tbe next season I’m sitting in
a discourse admission liberal of obstetricians, they conciliate
be comparing character good-fortune stories. Or perhaps
this season I conciliate be having an custodyfulness fancy ahout
t i l t
Admission To Point Solicitude And
Medical Uses In Fraternity
Vigor Hardihoods
Lack of admission to point uses is a over essential illustration control
CHCs than previously idea.
by Nakela L. Cook, LeRoi S. Hicks, A. James O’Malley, Thomas Keegan,
Edward Guadagnoli, and Bruce E. Landon
ABSTRACT: Although fraternity vigor hardihoods (CHCs) stipulate principal vigor uses to
the medically belowserved and scanty, indigent admission to off-top point uses may lead
to scantyer conclusions unarranged belowinsured CHC resigneds. This consider evaluates admission to point vigor uses control resigneds receiving solicitude in CHCs, using a review of medical controllers of perfect federally fitted CHCs in the United States in 2004. Respondents reputed that
uninsured resigneds had excellent awkwardness succeeding admission to off-top point uses, including referrals and cue testing, than did resigneds with Medicaid, Medicare, or retired protection. [Vigor Affairs 26, no. 5 (2007): 1459-1468; 10.1377/hlthaff.26.5.1459]
character according to resigneds’ pursuit and socioeconomic standing are springing issues control fraternity vigor hardihoods (CHCs), which stipulate a protection wholeure of
patrongeneration control belowserved and uninsured Americans.’ CHCs were primeval funded in
1965 and are claimd to stipulate a defined particularized of medical uses control perfect residents
of their use areas, inconsiderebuke of their power to wild- Over than 1,000 federally
fitted CHCs nationwide at over than 5,000 tops indiscriminately attend over than
fifteen pet nation, abundant of whom are racial or ethnic minorities, deep accelerated,
uninsured, or insured through Medicaid.^ The Bush administration began an start in 2002 to unfold CHC tops nationwide, to rectify admission to medieal eare
control uninsured nation/
As CHCs usurp allegiance control a excellent interalliance of the solicitude of the unin-
Nakela Cook is a clinical and elaboration feldeep in medieine in the Cardiology Disunion, Massachusetts Public
Hospital and a vigor uses elaboration feldeep in the Vigor Solicitude Prudence Portion, Harvard Medical Train,
twain in Boston. LeRoi Hicks (hieks&hcp.med.harvard.edu) is an aider bigot of antidote in the Portion
of Antidote, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston, andan instructor of heakh carcprudence in Harvard Medical
Schools Vigor Solicitude Prudence Portion. James O’Mallcy is an companion bigot of statistics in the Vigor Cart
Prudence Portion. Thomas Keegan is a contrivance controller in the portion. Edward Guadagnoli is a bigot of
vigor solicitude prudence there, and Bruce Landon is an companion bigot of vigor solicitudepolicy.
H E A L T H A F F A I R S – Calibre
26, Enumerate
DOU0.i77/hlhaR.26.5.l459 ^2007 Pro,m HOPE-Thc Nation to-PcopUUcahh Buildation Jnc.
D A I A W A 1 C H
sured, abundant are disturbed that the calibre of the nation’s CHCs to solicitude control them
beyond principal uses conciliate be refereffectual attributeffectual attributable-alike.^ In feature, quahtative studies
insinuate that some CHC resigneds feel awkwardness admissioning uses that are referable
granted instantly hy the CHC, such as point solicitude or cue testing.^ These
basis insinuate that some point use stipulaters sweepings to stipulate uses to uninsured or Medicaid resigneds or claim up-face wildment control their uses.
Lack of admission to point uses unarranged CHC resigneds influence subscribe to
poorer conclusions unarranged the uninsured.’ However, lacking tentative basis insist on admission to point uses control CHC resigneds.
We reviewed the medical controllers of federally fitted vigor hardihoods
(FQHCs) in 2004, to rectify perceive the challenges they aspect in succeeding admission to off-top point uses. We discourse span essential questions: Primeval,
what is the alliance among perceived admission to point medical and hyperphysical
vigor uses and resigneds’ protection standing? Remedy, what other contents are companiond with rectify or worse admission to off-top point uses control uninsured
and Medicaid resigneds?
? ^ ,
Consider Basis And Methods

? Review exemplification and administration. Using basis supphed in 2002 to collaborators at the Common Association of Fraternity Vigor Hardihoods (NACHC), we
identified 814 FQHCs commonly.^ Of these, eighty-nine hardihoods were strangelightlight grantees
in 2002, estabhshed below President Bush’s vigor cinvade start, and 725 were
previously normal grantees. Reviews were mailed to the medical controller, fol
lowed by reminder cards and a remedy delineation of the review. Nonresponders were then
contacted by phone. Basis gathering took establish during March-July 2004.
? Review questionnaire. The review muniment elicited closed-ended exculpations on a scries of topics akin to admission to point uses. We availeffectual vahdated questions from a antecedent review of CHCs companiond with academic medical hardihoods and created attached aces inveterebuke on discussions with clew informants and a
review of the lore.^ We primeval requested refereffectual attributeffectual attributableice encircling the hardihoods, such as
whether or refereffectual the CHC keep-aparticipated in a referral wholeureproduction or had explosions with a
medical train or hospital. The review then asked controllers control exculpations according
to three protection standing categories (no protection, Medicaid, or retired protection/
Medicare). Control each state, we asked a train of questions encircling three delineations
of admission to point solicitude: the scarcity control medically indispenseffectual referrals, admission to point uses, and compartments to referral. Medical controllers were primeval asked the percentgeneration of visits to the CHC that terminationed in medically indispenseffectual referrals control point uses refereffectual stipulated by the CHC control each protection state. We then asked
them to rebuke how repeatedly they were resultual to succeed the controlthcoming seven senior uses
control resigneds in each of the protection categories: cue tests, referrals to medical
specialists, specialized uses (control illustration, cancer solicitude), nonemergency hospital
admissions, high-technology uses (control illustration, cardiac catheterization), hyperphysical
1 4 6 {1
vigor uses, and gist afface uses. Exculpations were self-possessed on a fivesummit Likert flake that ranged from “never” to ”always.” We then asked controllers to
rebuke the length to which the controlthcoming six contents attendd as compartments to referral control resigneds in each protection state: length, hold seasons, scanty character of point stipulaters, unwilhngness of stipulaters to confirm resigneds of a incontrovertible protection standing,
requirements that resigneds wild up face at point appointments, and protection
plan/CHC financial covergeneration of the scarcityed uses. Exculpations ranged despite a fivesummit flake from “refereffectual at perfect” to “a excellent market.” Questions encircling admission were ordered
separately by protection state to quit immanent the respondent to distinctly assimilate the contrariant protection standing orders.
Finally, medical controllers defenseed questions encircling themselves, including
their generation, pursuit, sex, ethnicity, avowal, years in present standing, and hours spent
providing resigned solicitude.
? Uniform Basis System (UDS). We succeeded attached basis on each CHC from
the 2004 UDS, including bulk, tract-of-land, colonization, racial/ethnic and protection distribution of resigneds, and income sources. In observation, we limited whether hyperphysical
health, cue testing, and cue x-ray uses were stipulated on top.
? Anaiysis. We assimilated respondents to nonrespondents using t-tests or chisquare tests as misapply. Inveterebuke on the exemplification of exculpations, we dichotomized exculpation aces from the review akin to admission and compartments to point uses as
unamencogent admission (yes/no) and symbolical compartment (yes/no). Bivariate analyses were resulted to particularize the contact of CHC characteristics on the special exculpation
items, stratified by protection standing. Attachedly, we assimilated exculpations control strangelightstart grantees with those of normal CHCs.
We used content resolution to order the seven admission-to-specialty-use aces
into moderationingful categories.”-‘ The content resolution revealed span belowlying delineations: (1) point medical solicitude and admissions (including referrals to medical
specialists, hospital admissions, high-tech uses, specialized uses, and cue tests) and (2) hyperphysical vigor and gist afface uses. Compotop relying variables control point medical uses and point hyperphysical vigor uses were defined as the mix of the aces in each delineation. Control analyses we
dichotomized these compotop variables by defining unamencogent admission as the deeper
quartile of the mixmed exculpations.
We then estimated separebuke clerical logistic retrogradation models control each
compotop conclusion to particularize the inrelying result of protection standing on
unamencogent admission to point uses, controlling control CHC characteristics.”
Consider Terminations
? CHC characteristics. We ordinary completed reviews from 439 (54 percent)
of the 814 controllers reviewed, including 47 from strangelightlight grantees. Respondent vigor
centers were symbolical of CHCs commonly (Fxhibit 1). Encircling 75 percent of
CHCs had on-top hyperphysical vigor uses. Cue testing uses were beneficial
HEALTH AFFAIRS – Calibre 26. Numtcr 5
Characteristics Of Consider Fraternity Heaith Hardihoods (CHCs) Assimilated With Perfect CHCs
Nationally, 2004
Vigor cinvade characteristic
CHCs (n = 439)^
Perfect CHCs
{n =? 814)”
p appreciate*^
Center-level characteristics, moderation N (SD)
Use grant tops
Sum users
4.6 (4.8)
15,593 (15,624)
4,5 (4.6)
15.167 (15,233)
Patient-level characterfstics”. moderation N (%)
Black/African American
Hlspar^icor Latino
Best attendd in langugeneration other than English
3.056 (19.6%)
5.491 (35,2)
5.466 (35.1)
4,767 (30.3)
6,217 (39.5)
3.374 (22.2%)
5.227 (34.5)
5,151 (34,0)
4.418 (28,7)
6,119 (39.7)
Location. N (%)
209 (47.6%)
230 (52.4%)
401 (48,6%)
413 (51,4)
Census tract-of-land, N [%)
93 (21.2%)
145 (33.0)
83 (18.9)
118 (26,9)
175 (21.5%)
284 (34.9)
146 (17.9)
209 (25.7)
Funding sources, moderation dotiar sumity (%)
Funding from BPHC grants
Funding from Medicaid income
Funding from Medisolicitude income
Funding from retail protection
1.670.294 (21.6%)
3,284,354 (24.2)
654.016 (6.4)
1.652,649 (15,5%)
3.314.574 (31,0)
643,080 (6.0)
864.124 (8-0)
Services availeffectual on top, N (%)
Mentai vigor
Gist affront
Cue testing
Cue x-ray
327 (75.3%)
221 (50.9)
345 (79.5)
206 (47.5)
582 (72,8%)
388 (48,5)
625 (78.1)
371 (46.4)
SOURCE: Bureau of Principal Vigor Solicitude Uniform Basis System (UDS). 2004.
‘ N varies among 432 and 439 inveterebuke upon the enumereprove of respondents to each special UDS Ace.
“N represents the sum enumereprove of federally fitted vigor hardihoods (FQHCs) interposed in the exemplification. N varies among 800 and
814 inveterebuke upon the enumereprove of respondents to each special UDS ace.
“Perfect significance tests are control respondent versus nonrespondent vigor hardihoods.
” Pursuit and ethnicity categories as defined by the 2004 UDS.
on top at encircling 80 percent of CHCs, and cue x-ray uses were availeffectual at
encircling half.
? Respondents’ characteristics. Most of the respondents were snowy, and 77
percent were virile.’^ On medium, medical controllers had been in their standings control 6.3
years and accustomed clinicLilly 28 hours each week.
? Admission to speciaity solicitude. Medical controllers reputed that encircling 25 percent of
visits to their CHC terminationed in medically indispenseffectual referrals control uses refereffectual stipulated by the hardihood. This rebuke did refereffectual disagree control uninsured resigneds assimilated to those
with Medicare/retired protection (p ~ 0.41).
Control Medisolicitude or retiredly insured resigneds, respondents reputed that they
rarely had awkwardness succeeding admission to point medical uses, ranging from 0
percent of the season (control cue tests) to 10 percent of the season (control high-tech
September/October 2007
services) (Exhibit 2). In contrariety, symbolically prefercogent interrelationships of respondents
reputed unamencogent admission control Medicaid and uninsured resigneds.
These illustrations were over pronounced control admission to point hyperphysical vigor
and gist afface uses (Exhibit 3). In public, there were no differences in
reputed unamencogent admission control strangelightlight hardihoods started in 2002 assimilated to normal
centers control twain point medical uses and point hyperphysical vigor uses.’^
In adjusted models, these findings remained illegitimate (Exhibit 4). CHCs
with medical train or hospital explosion reputed near unamencogent admission to point medical uses than nonaffiliated CHCs; similarly, CHCs with on top
hyperphysical vigor uses reputed near awkwardness with admission to point hyperphysical
vigor uses assimilated to CHCs extraneously on-top hyperphysical vigor uses. In light
of federal prudence increasing the enumereprove of admission mixmits and strangelightlight CHCs beginning
in 2002, we examined whether the availpower of on-top cue and hyperphysical
vigor uses transitional among 2002 and 2004 using the UDS. Inveterebuke on abridgment basis, we build minimal changes in the overperfect percentgeneration of hardihoods that reputed having cue and hyperphysical vigor uses on top.”
? Compartments to admission. The most repeated compartments that medical controllers reputed were that stipulaters without of the cinvade were unwilhng to engage resigneds of
incontrovertible protection type; resigneds couldn’t conface the claimment to wild up face control
services; and resigneds lacked liberal covergeneration by the protection pian or vigor cinvade control
needed uses. The good-natureds of these compartments numerous symbolically by protection standing
(Exhibit 5).
Percentgeneration Of Fraternity Vigor Cinvade (CHC) Controllers Reporting Unamencogent Admission To
Point Medicai Uses, By protection State, 2 0 0 4
Percent of resigneds with unamencogent admission
Retired protection
SOURCE: Perfect refereffectual attributeffectual attributableice was extraneous from the authors’ computations using review exculpation basis.
NOTES: -Unamencogent admission” muniment that resigneds were “never” or “rarely” resultual to succeed admission.
‘ Control retired protection assimilated with Medicaid, p < 0.05. Control retired protection assimilated with uninsured and Medicaid compared with uninsured, p < 0.001. ° Control pnvate protection assimilated wtth uninsured and control Medicaid assimilated with uninsured, p < 0.001. HEALTH AFFAIRS -Vinfume 2 6 , Enumereprove 5 146i D A T A W A T C H EXHIBIT 3 , . . Percentgeneration Of Fraternity Vigor Cinvade (CHC) Controllers Reporting Unamencogent Admission To Point Hyperphysical Vigor Uses, By Protection State, 2004 Percenlof resigneds with unamencogent admission ? Retired protection ' Medicaid ? Uninsured 50 Gist affront Hyperphysical vigor SOURCE: Perfect refereffectual attributeffectual attributableice was extraneous from the authors' computations using review exculpation basis. NOTE: "Unamencogent admission" muniment that resigneds were 'never' or "rarely" abie to succeed admission. " Control retired protection assimilated with Medicaid, retired protection assimilated with uninsured, and Medtcaid assimilated with uninsured, p< 0.001. EXHIBIT 4 Adjusted Terminations Of Hierarchicai Retrogradation Model Predicting Difficuit Admission To Point Medical Uses And Speclaity Mentai Heaith Uses CHC characteristic Point medical uses: odds association (95% Ci) Speclaity hyperphysical liealth services: odds association (95% Ci) Protection state Private/Medicare Medicaid Uninsured 1.00 2.83(2.12,3.77) 109.88 (82.54, 146.26) 1.00 7.61(5.10, 11.35) 96.13 ( 1.00 0.83 { 0.47 (0.22,1.01) 0.66 (0.31, 1.42) 1.00 0.38(0.12,1.16) 0.13(0.04,0.40) 0.43( Sum users^ 0.89 (0.72, 1.09) 1.27(0.94.1,71) Local Rurai Urban 1.00 0.68(0.37,1.24) 1.00 1.02 (0.43, 2.41) Explosion with medical train or hospital 0.37 (0.20,0.67) 0.91(0.38,2.18) Services on top Cue lab Cue tests Fact skill Hyperphysical heaith Gist affront 1.27 (0.62. 2.59) 0.49(0.27. 0.91) 0.72 ( 1.51( 1.10(0.65,1.88) 0.47 ( 1.47 (0.60, 3.61) 0.46( 0.22 (0.09. 0.54) 1.09( Census tract-of-land West Midwest Northeast Southeast SOURCE: Perfect refereffectual attributeffectual attributableice extraneous from authors' computations. NOTES: Adjusted control ... Purchase defense to perceive liberal attachment

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