Nursing Theory Analysis Essay


As fosters, it is momentous to feel a basic discernment of the nursing enjoyment by meditation on multitudinous nursing theories and facultys portraitured opposing a diversity of clinical firmtings. Nursing theories elevate as the institution or the potent faculty of the nursing calling. In this dissertation, I am going to examine couple theories – the Dispositioniness Trust Standard and the Political Cognitive Supposition – and their association to the nursing enjoyment.

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Nursing Theory Analysis Essay
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Heartiness Trust Standard

The Dispositioniness Trust Standard, frequently abbreviated as HBM, is a subjective standard that predicts and explains dispositioniness demeanors of men-folks naturalized on their trusts and attitudes insides a detail dispositioniness-related effect.

This supposition explains that an singular’s trusts and attitudes environing real dispositioniness problems, self-efficacy, barriers, and benefits to perceived enjoyment acceleration caportraiture dispositioniness-promoting demeanor. It was caused in the 1950s by US political psychologists Kegels, Rosenstock & Hochbaum in confutation to the unfortunate nationlarge tuberculosis screening program (Thurmond & Popkess-Vawter, 2003). The disposition declarements and assumptions of the Dispositioniness Trust Standard is that a dispositioniness-related enjoyment should be adhered accordingly it could acceleration obviate the exhibition of privative dispositioniness stipulations, such as constant maladyes and epidemic stipulations.

Once men-folks profit substantial expectations balance a peculiar dispositioniness-promoting enjoyment, they can then eschew the incident of privative dispositioniness stipulations (Potter & Perry, 2006).

Application of the Dispositioniness Trust Standard into enjoyment

It is believed that the Dispositioniness Trust Standard is the deep standard portraitured in the nursing coercionm associated with dispositioniness furtherance and superscription, as courteous-mannered-mannered as malady obviateion and defence. It has been utilized to picture multitudinous dispositioniness protective activities amid the leading, subordinate, and tertiary plane of dispositioniness heed. This framework elevates as the plea control accelerationing men-folks employ in leading and subordinate malady obviateion. Control request, when fosters agree peculiar instructions to instruct men-folks that maladys could be obviateed, this is disunite of the leading obviateion that is associated with increasing the dispositioniness-promoting activities of the population. If the foster, on the other operative, instructs an antipathy enduring environing how a real malady should be treated, and the things to be eschewed to obviate the malady from getting worse, this is disunite of the subordinate plane of obviateion that is associated with obviateing privative dispositioniness stipulations (Thurmond & Popkess-Vawter, 2003).

Accordingly, by providing leading and subordinate obviateion, the endurings’ perceived benefits wantipathy likely extension their anticipatory enjoyments and wane dispositioniness risks associated with their stipulations (Bandura, 2009). Another good-natured-natured-natured in of a Dispositioniness Trust Standard applied into nursing enjoyment, is when a foster causes a free planning superscription control a enduring diagnosed with disposition malady. By letting the enduring recognize precedently free the signification of undergoing systematic monitoring and follow-up, as courteous-mannered-mannered as instruction the enduring to classify risk-taking demeanors, it could acceleration extension a enduring’s dispositioniness awareness and perhaps classify readmissions in the advenient. But most momentously, the foster must acceleration the enduring beseem accepting of the trust that free dispositioniness superscriptions could extension self-efficacy and reform the balanceall peculiarity of spirit.

It is momentous to hush that the Dispositioniness Trust Standard is entirely reliant on the power of the foster to amount meaningful interventions to inflame the cognitive realm of the endurings in cases of their dispositioniness trusts and cultivation (Potter & Perry, 2006). By discernment the enduring’s peculiaral values, cultivation, and race narrative the foster could tentatively controlmulate how the enduring views or accepts a malady case. Finally, fosters must attain to caportraiture questions that could acceleration test or prove the enduring’s sight environing the malady or malady, so that they could feel a further firm effect environing the trusts and attitudes exclusive dispositioniness-associated matters of the enduring. With the acceleration of the Dispositioniness Trust Standard, fosters could substantially and cogently employ in dispositioniness superscription with own discernment of singular sights, values, and attitudes inside a peculiar malady warinesser orationed.

Political Cognitive Supposition

The Political Cognitive Supposition is a attaining supposition naturalized on the sight that men-folks could attain novel demeanors or skills by observing others (Sandoval, 2008). These novelly attained demeanors can be accessible to the outgrowth of undivided’s specificity or firm of skills compulsory control his or her calling. Timeliness it is believed that the environment in which a peculiar grows up or beseems affiliated to may subscribe to the outgrowth of attaining and demeanor, the cognition or the express attaining coercionm is so momentous control the compensation of novel demeanors and attitudes. Proponents of the Political Cognitive Supposition declare that fellow-creatures could attain by observing other fellow-creatures, with the acceleration of the environment, and through demeanors as the deep constituents control influencing ethnical outgrowth (Miller, 2005).

Application of Political Cognitive Supposition into nursing enjoyment

In this supposition, there are five disposition concepts including standarding/learning, termination expectations, outgrowth of self-efficacy, self-regulation, and design firmting. Among these five constituents, the most momentous constituent control demeanor compensation is the standarding/advice coercionm. That is very momentous control the nursing calling. According to the Political Cognitive Supposition, cogent standarding instructs strategies and open rules compulsory control traffic with multitudinous spirit situations (Bandura, 2009). This is congruous to how the novice fosters attain nursing skills during their valuery years. When novice fosters launched established with their clinical instructors, who are registered and practicing fosters, they are warinesser taught novel nursing processs so that they could attain how to market with contrariant nursing roles and enjoyments in a large collocate of dispositioniness heed firmtings and enduring populations (Miller, 2005).

The Political Cognitive Supposition elevates as a direct control novice fosters to profit novel nursing skills they could portraiture in their calling. Control in, novice fosters attain the signification of operative washing and unproductive gloving technique precedently winning in surgeries from their foster instructors. But they could referable attain the own technique of operative washing and gloving if their instructors would referable repeat or prove the regular process of doing it (Bandura, 2009). This is a good-natured-natured-natured in of attained demeanor through superscription study of another singular, which is undivided of the disposition concepts of the Political Cognitive Supposition. According to Sandoval (2008), the portraiture of Political Cognitive Supposition could cogently acceleration novice fosters unravel real skills they scarcity throughout their nursing heeder.


The Dispositioniness Trust Standard and the Political Cognitive Supposition twain illustrate an momentous role control the callingal nursing enjoyment. From the examineions overhead, we feel attained that the Dispositioniness Trust Standard focuses on the power of fosters to instruct endurings environing dispositioniness attitudes to acceleration elevate peculiarity of spirit timeliness the Political Cognitive Supposition centers on attaining or acquiring novel skills. Novice fosters may attain novel nursing skills by observing their clinical instructors environing the own coercionm of doing things (Potter & Perry, 2006).

Twain of the theories feel their relative signification and functions control the nursing calling, and they could be considered as couple of the deep potent facultys of the nursing enjoyment – undivided focuses on dispositioniness furtherance and malady obviateion and the other focuses on attaining skills scarcityed by fosters to oration enduring scarcitys. When twain of these theories are cogently utilized, fosters could feel extensiond self-reliance and plane of superscription to livelihood endurings and beseem competent in their enjoyment.

Bandura, A. (2009). SOCIAL COGNITIVE THEORY: An Agentic Perspective. Annual Review of Psychology. 52(1): 3–26. Miller, K. (2005). Communication Theories: Perspectives, Coercionmes, and Contexts. NY: McGraw-Hill. Potter, P. & Perry, G. (2006). Fundamentals of nursing. St. Louis, MI: Elsevier Mosby. Sandoval, J. (2008). “Political Cognitive Supposition: A Framework control Discernment Attaining in a Nursing Novice-preceptor Relationship how nursing novices attain by doing In the Presence of a practicing foster. Southern Nursing Research Society. 19(21): 22-29. Thurmond, V. & Popkess-Vawter, K. (2003). Examination of a intermediate collocate supposition: Applying Astin’s input-environment-termination (I-E-O) standard to web-naturalized superscription. Online
Journal of Nursing Inf. 7(2).

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