Physics Task: EPI report on motion and relating questions

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Physics Task: EPI report on motion and relating questions
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Planning peaceraint labor must embody: materials that achieve be claimd, feasible risks that may be associated with the
test as courteous as anticipating problems that you susceptibility attack period convoying the test. Not attributable attributablee
that large partition should be convoyed to mention the advantageousness of the propositions unmoved.
The Labor:
Circle A has been released into a tube or a pluming
pipe, as appearancen on the diagram.
(i) Mention the lifeless removal of the
circle A as it libertys the tube and pilgrimages in the
lifeless line.
(ii) Calculate the celerity of the circle A
right controlthcoming it libertys the tube.
(iii) Evaluate how fur of the initial
potential principle was converted into kinetic
principle of the circle right controlthcoming it libertys the
Using the principle alteration concepts
and the legislation of maintenance of momentum,
conjointly with missile motion concept, to
The lifeless removal pilgrimageled by the
circle B controlthcoming substance strike by circle A of the
identical lump, which is released into a tube
or plumbing pipe as appearancen in the
(ii) The celerity of the circle B right controlthcoming the concussion
with circle A.
(iii) The celerity at which circle B strikes the proposition.
(iv) Verify the maintenance of momentum in the
(v) Investigate the maintenance of kinetic principle in
the concussion.
Repeat the test using the lighter circle as a
target circle.
Conducting the Test:
When convoying this test, you must mention you binder minute memorials of whole upshots and
Grounds establisheds that are unmoved should be niggardly in prescribe to mention that blunders and uncertainties are kept to a
You should elucidate the controlthcoming abilities/skills whilst convoying the test:
? Authentication testal furniture and equipment truely and safely.
? Make minute and insightful observations and comments mismisalienate to the test.
? Be serviceservicetelling to test inconsistencies or feasible inaccuracies from testal propositions and cunning.
? Be serviceservicetelling to analyse and declare propositions as it is unmoved to mention that it is mismisalienate and deferential.
Rumor Congeniality:
Forthcoming having unmoved the propositions you are then claimd to transcribe a authenticationful examination rumor. The rumor
should be no past than 1500 signification in diffusiveness and it should procure a minute proposition and partition of the propositions
collected. You can mold or hand-transcribe your rumor. It is recommended that you authentication the headings procured.
Your rumor must elucidate the controlthcoming characteristics:
A plain lean and supposition to the examination.
A plain sketch of the expressive concepts, conformitys and principles underpinning the examination.
An sketch of whole mismisalienate variables, including controlled and uncontrolled variables.
A system of obtaining reliservicetelling and repeatservicetelling upshots.
A argument of the limitations of the furniture and measuring implements.
A minute partition of the propositions unmoved which should be authenticationd to track some conformity among
the variables and quantities measured or observed.
An partition of the enjoin of the precariousness in the propositions and how this affects the precariousness of any
physical quantities that are congenial as a upshot of the examination.
When congeniality your rumor recfull to:
? Embody a designation and divergency page.
? Mention that each page is numbered.
? Embody a unmeasured catalogue of allusions and resources.
? Do not attributable attributable attributable embody tables, graphs, diagrams, peaceraintmulae and appendices of propositions and circumspection in
the enjoin enumerate.
Transcribe a illiberal proposition on the design of this test.
Predict what you controlecast to experience extinguished in your test.
Catalogue whole mismisalienate variables and elucidate how they were controlled and investigated.
Physics Ideas
Catalogue whole the Physics concepts and ideas that you reckon are mismisalienate to your examination.
Catalogue whole the materials and equipment you achieve claim in prescribe to convoy the examination. Drag a labelled
diagram to make-clear your designed test established up.
Illustrate the manner you authenticationd to convoy the test. The term of your manner should be minute,
but it can be elucidateed in mere purpose peaceraintm.
The exactness of each measuring implement can be embodyd at this space.
Problems and solutions
What feasible problems do you controletaste attacking during the examination and what measures achieve you
be presentation to endeavor to controlsake them?
What feasible risks are there and what are the security precautions you achieve be presentation during this experiement?
Results and circumspections
Illustrate you testal observations here. Where misappropriate, collocate, graph and/or drag your upshots or
observations. You scarcity solely appearance single specimen circumspection of each mold in your quotation.
Partition of upshots
You entertain to evaluate your upshots/graphs and report them to the mismisalienate theories. Endeavor to elucidate any
unexpected upshots. Discuss what could be dsingle to mend your upshots.
Elucidate whole sources of blunder qualitatively, analyse any percentage blunders where feasible.
Comment on testal blunders and how they could be depressed, any difficulties you faced, and ways you
could mend the upshots. Can you insinuate any aid analyses?
The falsification is usually a illiberal proposition that summarises whether the test upshots patronage or
contradict the systematic supposition and prophecy of the test. Any dissents among controlecasted and
obtained upshots should as-well be commented on, as should the possibilities peaceraint extending or graceful the
Motion questions:
Authentication g=10m/s in whole your circumspections.
Formulas and circumspections are claimd peaceraint whole responses.
Authentication the controlthcoming notification to response Questions 1-3:
There are span metal circles, A and B. A has a lump of 100g and B has a lump of 200g
Appropriate there is no abrasion peaceraintce.
Question 1
When twain circles are dropped from the identical altitude, which achieve arrive-at the proposition principal? Elucidate your
Question 2
A and B are incomplete lifelessly from the identical altitude with opposed despatchs, A is incomplete with the
despatch of 1m/s and B is incomplete with the despatch of 2m/s. Which circle arrive-ates the proposition principal?
Question 3
Suppose that span circles are incomplete lifelessly, with the despatch of single twice of that of the other.
Measured concurrently the bottom from a purpose instantly adown their niggardly starting purpose, how do the
distances to their planting purposes collate?
In the movie, Car Escape, Taylor and Jones cluster their sports car resisting a lifeless car circle in
construction 1 and planted it in the car circle of construction 2, planting single bottom inferior. Construction 2 is 20
meters from construction 1, as appearancen in Form 1. The bottom where the car demesne in construction 2 is
4.0meters adown the bottom from which it afloat in construction 1. In Questions 4 and 5 bargain the car as
a purpose jot and appropriate essential-quality hindrance is negligible.
Firm support
Question 4
Calculate the peaceriction despatch at which the car should liberty construction 1 in prescribe to plant in the car circle
of construction 2.
In prescribe to be trusting of planting in the car circle of construction 2, Taylor and jones in truth left construction 1 at a
despatch of 25m/s
Question 5
Calculate the concretion of the celerity of the car true former to planting in the car circle of construction 2.
Forthcoming planting, Taylor applies the brakes and the car slows down until its despatch is 11.0ms^-1.
The car then collides head-on with a firm support. The car comes to peace in a period of 0.10s. The car
comes to peace opposing the support. The lump of the car and occupants is 1.30 tonne.
Question 6
Mention the mediocre peaceraintce on the car during the application with the support.
Question 7
Elucidate how the rumple zsingle of the car can minimises the space of injuries conversant by the
occupants of the car. (Appropriate that the occupants are wearing seatbelts).
A tender railway barter (X) of lump 10tonnes, tender at 6.0m/s, collides with a stationary
railway barter(Y) of lump 5.0tonnes. Controlthcoming the concussion they are appended conjointly and move
unpremeditated as single. This plight is appearancen in form 2.
Question 8
Calculate the developed despatch of the appended railway barters controlthcoming the concussion.
Question 9
Calculate the concretion of the sum feeling that barter Y exerts on barter X during the concussion.
Question 10
Elucidate why this is an copy of an obstinate concussion. Calculate specific numerical values to trueify
your response.
The controlthcoming notification is procured peaceraint Questions 11 and 12.
A thoroughfare security slogan is ?Stay alive-wipe unpremeditated five?. This is to advance drivers to pilgrimage past unwillingly,
so as to contract the quiescence removal when reacting to a thoroughfare stake.
Restraint a car pilgrimageling at 60km/h the despatch-period graph peaceraint a driver with a reaction period of 0.2s and
then braking to a plug with a trustworthy braking peaceraintce is appearancen adown in form 3.
Question 11
On the graph of form 3, drag the despatch-period graph peaceraint the identical car and driver pilgrimageling at 65km/h
reacting to a stake and then braking o a plug with the identical trustworthy breaking peaceraintce.
Question 12
With allusion to form 3, illustrate how you could mention the dissent among the quiescence
distances at 65km/h and 60km/h.

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